•   What carrier is this internet through?

Answer: AT&T


  •  Is this really unlimited internet?

Answer: Yes, This is unlimited 


  • Where will this internet work?

Answer: Anywhere AT&T has signal ( cell towers ) United States ONLY


  • what kind of device do I need to get?

Answer: AT&T compatible hotspot or even a cell phone will work.  you won't be able to make calls on the cell phone as this is data only


  • Where can i buy a device at?

Answer: You can find hotspots on amazon.com that offer 1-2 day delivery Search for: AT&T hotspot.


  • What device would you recommend?

Answer: AT&T Netgear Nighthawk mr1100


  • Can I pay for one month only?

Answer: Yes, you can pay for one month and when your ready to use your hotspot again you can just use your customer number to start service again.


  • How do I pay my data bill every month?

Answer:  Go here: https://bonckcommunications.com/products/monthly-data-payment  send us a email with your customer number and transaction number so we can mark you as paid.


  • How come I didn't get  account login information?

Answer: We supply our customers with a customer number only. If you want to see how much data you used for the month, just look on your device and all that information will be available for you.