How This Works

Service only in United States.

In order to get signed up for services with us, you will need the following items 

  • You will need an At&t compatible hotspot or router that accepts a sim card. ( We don't sell devices)
  • An At&t unlimited data sim kit that can be purchased from Best buy or Walmart for $9.99.

Do Not place the sim card in the device until we activate it


when you purchase your plan with us, send us a email with your transaction number and sim card number so we can activate your sim card right away.

In case your not familiar with sim cards, the sim number will be the ICCID number 

Once we activate your sim card we will notify you by email and you will receive a welcome email with your customer number --> ( customer number linking to your account) usually 1 - 4 hours depending on the amount of orders we are processing. 

You will pay your data bill Here every month. 

when you pay your data bill, send us a email with your transaction number and customer number so we can mark your account as paid that way you won't have any interruptions in your service.

If you wan't to be setup on auto pay we can set that up via paypal , just email us at